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OC1 powertrain brush

"The perfect tool for cleaning and maintaining your bike drive train"

The OC1 Drivetrain Brush is a quality cleaning tool that features 3 brush heads to effectively remove grease, dirt or mud that may have built up on your chains, cassettes, mechs and sprockets.




OC1 powertrain brush

"High quality cleaning tool for optimal protection and performance of your drive train"

The OC1 Drivetrain Brush is the perfect tool for keeping your bike's drivetrain clean and running smooth. With the ultra-tough nylon bristles, even the most stubborn dirt can be removed with ease. The integrated scraper tool is perfect for removing mud, making this brush the ideal companion for your next off-road adventure.

With its ergonomic design, the OC1 powertrain brush is comfortable to hold and easy to use. The 3 brush heads allow for efficient cleaning of the various parts of your bike's drivetrain, while the scraper tool helps remove stubborn mud and dirt.

Key features of the OC1 powertrain brush include:

  • 3 brush heads for thorough cleaning
  • Ideal for chains, cassettes, mechs and sprockets
  • Helps remove stubborn grease and dirt from your drivetrain
  • Durable bristles made from high quality materials
  • Integral scraper tool for removing sludge
  • Easy to use and handle while cleaning
  • Designed to provide efficient cleaning without damaging your bike's components
  • Helps extend the life of your drive train by removing dirt and debris
  • Can be used with a variety of cleaners or degreasers
  • Compact size for easy storage and portability
  • Helps keep your powertrain running smoothly and quietly
Features 3 brush heads
Ideal for chains, cassettes, mechs and sprockets
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